How it all began...

Cold Spring Fish & Specialty Foods was born during the first weeks of COVID-19 quarantine as a way to keep our employees thriving and provide our friends and neighbors with the best quality and freshest fish without having to leave their homes.

Having access to amazing products thanks to our mother company, Marterra Specialty Foods, LLC. (Established in 1995), we were able to have an immediate start.

The wonderful response from our community has made this new adventure incredibly fun and rewarding! We are happy to be of service and proud to bring our delicious products to your home. All our products are Sustainable Certified, MSC, ASC and BAP.

- Alejandra Awad & Ralph Moran

About our mother company...


​For over two decades, Marterra has been bringing home the finest fresh and frozen fish from all over the world

 It offers a variety of fish that meet the highest standards of quality in the industry, and our suppliers meet these standards as well. All our products are responsibly sourced and Sustainable Certified (MSC, ASC and BAP).

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to fresh fish, so our product is flown directly into New York in record time or from local fisherman. 


We are proud to be one of the few importers in the region to ensure that our fish gets to customers directly from our fishermen to you. Our fish couldn’t be any fresher unless you pulled it from the water yourself.


​Most of our wild fish is harvested by fishermen of this venerable trade, who have been fishing responsibly for generations, respecting these gems of the sea and the sustenance they bring to our customers.

Our Atlantic Salmon is farmed responsibly in much the same way. We also dedicate ourselves to importing the finest fish from Europe and Wagyu products to meet that specific demand here in the United States.